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The Secret Of God Seekers

Posted by hafidzi pada 13 Oktober 2009



Sufism in their view is the soul exercises and efforts to prevent mold from morality to bring humiliation to the morals and good fellow to bring praise and reward the world Here and after. Like be patient, be afraid and hope to Allah, sincere, life as it is, and everything to do with morality and the sacred way to worship Allah, it’s the secret of god seekers One of them, I’ll bring today is the “Sincere”, taken from when I attended a study week with grand Syeikh Yusuf Al Hasani last week and also from the my great teacher. Rasulullah Saw Said in the hadith qudsi, “Ma Yazaalu Abdi Yataqarrabu ilayya min nawaafili hatta uhibbahu….” Anyone from the servant who always do the sunnah (and sunnah its meaning any sunnah) then I (god) will love him. If Allah love and be attached to your heart, and then the god who guarded us to do anything. like the word Rasulullah Saw, “faidza ahbabtuhu kuntu samiahu llazi yasma’u bihi wa basharahullazi yubsiru bihi….” “If I had loved, I would be ears for his listening and eyes when he saw”. this meaning is Allah keep our ears and eyes of any sinners. “Wa yadahullazi yabsutu bihi warijlahullazi yamsyi biha”. That is, if God loves them, so if he prayed that God would grant him that same time, and god protect and take care of anything and bring him where he wants. Conclusion, if we want to be loved God, then…do it all the obligatory prayer and worship multiply the Sunnah is all simply because a god. That is what is meant by sincerity not because heaven or hell. Then the gods will love you.

Written by Anwar Hafidzi,Lc

Presented at The Weekly Discussion KMKM


6 Tanggapan to “The Secret Of God Seekers”

  1. Mbah Jiwo said

    wah mas, pake bahasa inggris…mbah jadi susah ngikuti… 🙂

  2. hidayanti said

    bagusss… gitu dong.. mendunia.. jadi dakwah go international juga 🙂 salut pak ustad

  3. mantap bos semoga selalu bertambah sukses

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