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Egyptian in my memory

Posted by hafidzi pada 9 Oktober 2009

finally…i finished my finishing college Licence. a lot of very valuable experience during when i staying in Egypt, and will not be forgotten by me. all contained in

But it does not matter if I try to remember again, after a recitation hadith come for three days. I felt like much longer stay in Egypt, but whatever resources because their parents had wanted me so I had to leave to Indonesia espicially Banjar. All the messages and the trust that parents have given me perform. lots of restrictions as long as I was in Egypt, but the ban and the mandate that makes me focus on living in Egypt, away from and study…

First Year…

Set foot in Egypt like to set foot in Padang sahara, all barren. there is no life that I feel. but, behind it all stored assets and precious unparalleled. thats Al Azhar University.
This year as a child, I still follow the rules of parents and boarding school.All the focus to the lesson, taken all my time in college and lessons at several places in the mosque.Morning and afternoon continued to change quickly.introduction begins in Egypt this year, from the language, food, living arrangements, time, and my teachers continue to learn.
My organization is always a useful follow where I’m trying to learn therein. all very beautiful.My college was very smooth, and finally with a good title I send my exam result

Second Year…
My Tradition continued last year I maintain. I just added a lot of things positive. I’ve dared to become part of the Bulletin of the Society Papadaan KMKM. This is where I began to know more about the organization. KMKM very helpful in my case all times.

experience this year, makes me know how many people besides Borneo. and my time was often consumed in a busy organization. but the lessons and my teachers always loved me and follow me is not leave, despite any busy myself here. i love them…
But my test results just getting enough results, because the pilgrimage season when I left the course to go to saudi. that’s what makes me very sad, fortunately, my parents continued to encourage desperate to avoid next year.

Third Year…

My life with my continued leadership courage to try. begins with being a chief editor for the newsletter. many things I have to try. the more difficult courses. but not discouraged me in learning, organization and instruction continue to uphold

This year a lot of changes as I did, including my behavior toward the opposite sex is even stranger. many contacts with women. was limited to friends, but I think it was beyond the limits of the mandate of parents.
This situation makes me become different from the previous year. My time more and more wasted, and my lessons were added to my headache.i didn’t know whats matter with me. the most important is i must back. but I think it’s too late, because the closer the test of time and my mind is always covered by the things that are not clear, especially when associated with women. maybe this is problems give me attact in my heart when i know my test results leaving two courses subject. I am very sad time. i think this is very good for me for my lesson next year.

Fourth Year…
learn from mistakes and my desire to improve,I dared to be a leader in the gathering KMKM 08-09.
coz this my test to became a leaders. i knew i can’t. but i must learn and study again.

My traditional lectures and lessons outside I activate more. I lead an organization that I can control easily. so do not waste time in college and my organization and bustle of everyday. There were benefits, too.but the nature of the higher womankind, I feel a lot of things changed in this, especially in matters of seduction, I think it’s beyond the limit, fortunately not to far

but I think this has gone too far in my life
Many lessons have I can, but it’s hard to do. My association to expand not only Indonesia but also neighboring countries which I know men and women.thats all…

but fortunately my association with the fair sex was limited to friends, and I think the age I had time for family. but i remember what my parents said, not going out any girls before it finishes college. hard and good for me….

This problem also can take many lessons for the future of my later.Someone once said, “if the match (i mean our mate) is not going anywhere”.

After many setbacks and obstacles I get wisdom, for my college i hv overall value “good”, its my first happy, and then….acceptance of my leadership in KMKM.and the most exciting, I was rewarded for the task pilgrimage to many people who may not be as fortunate as I,thank god…..

finally, learn from the experiences I’ve adjusted the time to learn, work and most importantly how to control the passions, especially for girl. This is the most difficult I control. Either from god or the devil.
but i think this is test trials for me….Hopefully get a wife as described by rasulullah.


Value of the college eventually I got a good value, and I am very grateful to get it.I also soon be leaving the pilgrimage, and not long after that I was going home to Indonesia.The first plan is to follow what my parents wanted, maybeI will continue to master (S2) in my country.Able to malaysia or to Indonesia.God only knows….

Minute graduation celebration will be held, although without the presence of a parent, I hope they may also happy for my success.
Ya Allah….forgive their sins and give the highest degree of your side with your heavenly.I was made a filial son and a gift from you Allah…
And I’m sorry, if my many mistakes during this. from my first year in Egypt until now…anyone who I knew and who never knew me.

“Hopefully Helpful”


2 Tanggapan to “Egyptian in my memory”

  1. hidayanti said

    alhamdulillah.. 🙂 bahagia aku bisa melihat saudara ku seiman akhirnya meraih cita2 nya.. semoga dengan ilmu yang di dapat bisa mengabdi kepada agama nusa dan bangsa 🙂 amin

  2. sriudin said

    Umpat bkajal jua nah….sambil promosi blog….
    Lagi dmana nich mang ? Bjb kh atau dh brangkat ke malingsia kh ( udin )

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