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The Secret Of God Seekers

Posted by hafidzi pada 13 Oktober 2009



Sufism in their view is the soul exercises and efforts to prevent mold from morality to bring humiliation to the morals and good fellow to bring praise and reward the world Here and after. Like be patient, be afraid and hope to Allah, sincere, life as it is, and everything to do with morality and the sacred way to worship Allah, it’s the secret of god seekers One of them, I’ll bring today is the “Sincere”, taken from when I attended a study week with grand Syeikh Yusuf Al Hasani last week and also from the my great teacher. Rasulullah Saw Said in the hadith qudsi, “Ma Yazaalu Abdi Yataqarrabu ilayya min nawaafili hatta uhibbahu….” Anyone Baca entri selengkapnya »


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Egyptian in my memory

Posted by hafidzi pada 9 Oktober 2009

finally…i finished my finishing college Licence. a lot of very valuable experience during when i staying in Egypt, and will not be forgotten by me. all contained in

But it does not matter if I try to remember again, after a recitation hadith come for three days. I felt like much longer stay in Egypt, but whatever resources because their parents had wanted me so I had to leave to Indonesia espicially Banjar. All the messages and the trust that parents have given me perform. lots of restrictions as long as I was in Egypt, but the ban and the mandate that makes me focus on living in Egypt, away from and study…

First Year…

Set foot in Egypt like to set foot in Padang sahara, all barren. there is no life that I feel. but, behind it all stored assets and precious unparalleled. thats Al Azhar University. Baca entri selengkapnya »

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