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Mystery Of The Nile


Posted by hafidzi pada 28 Oktober 2006

The story of a piece of cloth

I read the news. I am saddened, and hurt, by the decision of the Euopean Court of Human Rights. Leyla Sahin, a Turkish medical student, is banned from University of Istambul because she wears hijab. She brings her case to European Court of Human Rights -quite sensible, who doesn’t expect this court to help her with human right case?

But the European Court decides that her right is notviolated. The banning is understood to protect other students (from what?), public interests (which public? Turkish are Moslems), and to maintain equality (it’s obviously discriminating!) and secularism (true secularism shouldn’t worry/bother about the way people dress!).

This is the death of common sense. Why can a student attend classes in beach wear, half naked, while another is banned from class because she wears long dress and a hijab? Where is the reason? Why can’t a woman wear a piece of cloth on her head, while another woman is welcome to wear a piece of cloth to cover (unsuccessfully) her body in public places? Oh, it’s about politics. Or, politics of identity. Why is it political to wear a piece of cloth on our head and it is not in a nun’s head, a Sikh’s head, or a Jewish’ head? Who decides? Who says?

We are never intimidated, never complain, never even mind, of having classmates with big cross flashing explicitly in their chests. We like to befriend Jewish with those cute tiny caps on their heads or the Sikhs with their unique turbans. We feel we have the same
fashion with the nuns. And we even admire and respect women with beautiful hair being let loose and free to show the beauty of God’s creation. Why do they feel intimidated by us?

Indonesia banned hijab in early 80’s. Now, everybody is free to wear or not to wear hijab in any place at any time. Indonesia is more advanced than France, which bans hijab starting last year, and Singapore starting 2 years ago, and now Turkey. Who else? Does the world like to see half naked women more than to see women dressing modestly? Or, do we really think that wearing hijab is corrupt? More corrupt than wearing nothing or wearing minimally? Are you sure? (Does France really embrace secularism? Why the
holiday is Sunday? What about the Jews who’d like to have holiday on Saturday, or Moslems who’d prefer Friday?)

Why people think that we -women or girls with hijabs- are backwards and oppressed? It is only prejudice and false assumption. Some people say the banning of hijab is a liberation to those girls who are oppressed or forced by the family to wear hijabs, and now they can take it off at school. Who are they kidding? We can
take off hijab at home, among family, relatives, even friends. We don’t need a school to take off our hijab, for God’s sake! (There may be some tiny exceptions of forced-hijab-wearing, but aren’t there exception in many things? Do we rule/regulate based on tiny exceptions?)

Indonesia has many provinces and only one (Atjeh) wants to practise Shariah Law, including the obligation to wear hijab for Moslem women in public places. The government -fulfilling the people’s need- agrees on Shariaah Law in Atjeh only. But we all protested the practise of cutting women hair by the police (if the women didn’t wear hijabs and walked on the street). It happened only for a few months. It stopped. Common sense prevails.

So apakah salah dinegara yang komunitasnya bukan muslim mengenakan hijab (jilbab)? Bagaimana pendapat anda?

Bagaimana jika hukum Negara mengalahakan Hukum Tuhan semesta alam?

Silahkan berikan pendapat anda…..



  1. Dono said

    The most important thing that you need to be near your god ( Allah ) is your heart because your heart belongs to god ( Allah ).This is the only way to go to the lights of god ( Allah ). Your beleave to god ( Allah ).


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